Wild weather Forecast

Just a quick note to let you know some wet and wild weather has been forecast for the southwest over the next week, with a severe weather warning issued, starting today a low pressure system is moving along the coast bringing strong winds and heavy rain with possible thunderstorms, prediction of 50mm rain in 24hrs are possible and if the forecast is correct could mean up to 100mm of rain over the next 4 days.

Should this eventuate course conditions will be effected and maintenance activities will be restricted, greens will be slower, bunker washouts GUR and please if you brave the conditions between the severe weather (if they eventuate) use some common sense for course care, stay out of wet areas keep carts away from heavy traffic areas and greens etc.

More importantly take care and be safe, if at home on the roads or the course. 

FESA alerts and warning click here
Aus Gov Bureau of Meteorology severe weather warning click here

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