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On behalf of the greens staff I wish all our members a Happy and Safe Easter and good luck for the Easter Medley.
The course staff have been busy preparing the course for the event and this has been the focus over the past few weeks. Other work attended include finishing the Men's 10th "white" Tee and the Ladies 6th Tee despite problems with the turf cutter. Both Tees should be ready for play in 3 to 4 weeks. The dead Banksia beside the new ladies 13th Path was removed and thank you to Peter for cleaning up our mess.

In other news our water consumption is now at 90% though with some moderate temps and some showers this is manageable for the remainder of the allocation period ending in July. While we have had some rain we still would like some more regular falls to back up the present once per week irrigation of the fairways. We have enough water to comfortably water tees and greens as required.
Speaking of irrigation a main line blow on the front 9 kept us busy and a few mi…