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Ready for Summer

The last of the main pre summer renovations are complete with the Tees and Practice area, verti cut, cored, sanded and some goodies applied to benefit health and strength through the upcoming summer season.   Time spent over the past month renovating all our main play surfaces will ensure our turf surfaces are in a good resilient position to withstand the stresses of summer, play demands and maintenance preparations for play despite height of cuts between 2.5mm and 10mm for the various areas.  
Reducing thatch, providing de-compaction and Aeration for healthy root growth is a must for high quality turf surfaces, I thank the members for your understanding and patience through what is generally a disruptive period for play and conditions. 
Insect Repellent  The below 2 pictures are  the result of someone applying DEET based insect repellents to their legs / ankles on one of our fairways.  
We all like to keep the bugs off us outdoors, but please be mindful, insect repellents which conta…