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11th Pipes Done and Dusted

Waiting around supervising my sons 18th putting up with the bang bang they call music and thought bugger it I will update the blog while I have the chance haha.
Before I do, these kids just don't know how to pace themselves, I use to look like this after an alnighter, but this kid took just 45mins !!!!! gotta laugh.    Anyway back on the job and the 11th retic pipe work were completed this past week along with the 12th tee. Instead of explaining I will let the pictures tell the story..... After testing works were deemed succesful, we are very close to finishing the back 9 pipe improvements and look forward to the coming irrigation season with improve water flow to some critical areas.


Staff arrived to something we don't see too often first thing in the morning, during the week. Idiots broke into the cart shed and decided to use them as dodge cars, and also use the 18th green as their track

It was only superficial damage to the green but we still had some repair work to do . We were also tow truck drivers for the morning collecting the carts
Something different turned into something old when two nights later they decided to come back and finish off the rest of the carts they didn't totally destroy the previous time. Again only superficial damage to the green, which cant be said about carts which are practically write offs. Needless to say increased security measures will make it hard for them to repeat another performance.