Course Notes January 2020

Our First major events of 2020, (Capel Open and Junior Open)  has been run and won, congratulations to the winner of Both events, Alex Maxwell, who looks to have a bright future and a name to look out for.
Congratulations to all who worked tirelessly organising what was a well run event.
For the Greens team, my thanks to the staff for a great effort presenting the course in such good condition from Tee to Green, many hours in initial preparations, hard work in the weeks leading up to the event overcoming short working weeks due to public holidays by working some long days with very early starts to achieve a standard above that of just 4 staff. Well done guys you should be proud of what you accomplished. 

With 4 weeks till our next major event, The Summer Cup, we will not be taking our foot of the conditioning of the course for long, but first we need to attend some other important maintenance tasks. One such task includes taking the opportunity to mini tine the greens, also referred…

The Heat Is ON

Just 14 days into Summer and we are already having temperatures we do not normally experience till mid Summer at least. We have had only 3 days below 30 degrees, with the average temperature 5 degrees above average sitting at 32.1 degrees and the relentless heat shows no sign of easing in the immediate days ahead with maximums of 36 expected.
Minimum temperatures are fairing a little better just 1.9 degrees above average at 15.4 degrees and this is allowing the greens some respite.
The earlier heat and drying northerly and easterly winds have impacted on the various management programs including increased surfactant applications and irrigation but by far the biggest impact has been on the early summer season herbicide program specially on greens.
Any herbicide application carries a degree of risk but when air temperatures increase above 30 / 32 degrees that risk is increased proportionately. We have been forced to modify our program, miss some applications and re evaluate how we pro…

Ready for Summer

The last of the main pre summer renovations are complete with the Tees and Practice area, verti cut, cored, sanded and some goodies applied to benefit health and strength through the upcoming summer season.   Time spent over the past month renovating all our main play surfaces will ensure our turf surfaces are in a good resilient position to withstand the stresses of summer, play demands and maintenance preparations for play despite height of cuts between 2.5mm and 10mm for the various areas.  
Reducing thatch, providing de-compaction and Aeration for healthy root growth is a must for high quality turf surfaces, I thank the members for your understanding and patience through what is generally a disruptive period for play and conditions. 
Insect Repellent  The below 2 pictures are  the result of someone applying DEET based insect repellents to their legs / ankles on one of our fairways.  
We all like to keep the bugs off us outdoors, but please be mindful, insect repellents which conta…

Back on Line Again

I introduced the blog some 7 years ago now in a slightly different format to improve communication with the  membership, since then the club commenced facebook posting, introduced monthly newsletters with the blog taking a backseat as I felt there was enough information floating around with these formats. With recent events and changes I think its time we fire this old chestnut back up again and resume blog updates. 
With a small staff and ever increasing work demands I hope to update at least monthly with shorter intervals and smaller single updates as required. 

So lets get stuck in....

Greens have recovered very well from renovations, by the end of this week (3 weeks since renovations) we will be back down to our summer heights of 3mm with full coverage. Presently on 3.7mm this week but well ahead of anticipated height movements greens will remain a little slow until full recovery but we are well down that track.
Greens remain soft so please pay extra attention to repairing ball …

In the Spirit of Star Wars ........On a Golf Course Far Far Fairway

We welcome a young Jedi to the team.......

We officially welcome our newest staff member Jed Phillips to the team as our apprentice. Jed has been with us for the past 7 weeks, and has just passed his 1st review with flying colours. Jed is passionate about greenkeeping, a life long dream of his to obtain employment in this field. He has settled in very well proving to be a valuable member of team and is looking forward to learning as much as can over the next 4 years of his apprenticeship.
Being such a small staff, critical emphasis is placed on intensive training for the first weeks to be able to carry out core skills as quick as possible and over the last few weeks he has accomplished to operating standards, bunker maintenance, hole and marker technique and positioning, greens mowing as well as the safe operation of equipment required ad general safety aspects around the shed and course. He has proved a quick learner and I look forward to training and watching Jed grow in confidence …

Challenge Accepted

When you come in Monday, you have a Pro Am Wednesday, over the past few days had 100km/hr winds and a total of 85mm rain you look around and see

Many would stress but I knew we had the team, the passion and desire to get the course into shape in time, it was very  satisfying to have the course as it was by Wednesday

 My thanks to the staff for all their hard work, long hours and dedication to overcome the many obstacles in our way this past week. One of the most challenging and rewarding weeks.

Autumn 2018 Greens Renovations

Not the sight you want to see the first morning of the Greens renovations !!!
An idle sander with showers falling
Due to inclement weather in the morning we didn't get a start sanding greens till early afternoon, further delays on day 2 also put us back more than we had anticipated. We did utilise the time not sanding to core surrounds and path entries while we waited for clear skies so it wasn't a complete waste of time. The benefit of the 2 day course closure was more important than ever when inclement weather delays us.

Despite the slow start by the end of the 2 day closure we had cored, cleared, seeded applied amendments, sanded and brushed in all 18 greens, 2 practice greens the practice tee area, green surrounds along with path entries. We were forced to delay the small putter sanding and a few odd bits here and there as we just didn't have enough daylight. These areas will be completed this week.

It has been a very clean result and I am happy where the greens recover…