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Week 17 compliments goodbyes and rain

The compliments and positive feedback we have received over the past few years regarding the condition of the course is very satisfying, particularly the effort that goes into our major events, the feedback received over the Easter Medley event makes all the extra effort worthwhile. I congratulate the staff on their performance with nothing ever being to much to ask for.

Speaking of staff this week we farewelled Anthony who resigned in order to  work and travel overseas, I thank Anthony for all his efforts over the past few years and wish him well on his adventure of a lifetime. For the course, as one door closes another opens, moving forward the outlook remains positive as we adjust and re evaluate staff structure and numbers for the betterment of the course long term, there will be some new faces but also renewed enthusiasm as we continue to strive for excellence. 

Seen here showing his Archery Skills

After some teasing and tormenting the past few days, as I write some rain is finally …

Week 16 Happy Easter

On behalf of the greenstaff we wish all our members a Safe and Happy Easter.

It is also our Easter Medley event this weekend, it goes without saying our prime focus was on course presentation this week. As with all our Major events our preparations started 6weeks ago with the greens renovations firmly in mind setting the greens to peak for this weekend, at 2.5mm and rolling true we believe we accomplished our goals.  Each week we ticked off each task until this weeks lead in was simply presentation orientated. Preparing the course for one of the clubs a major event never starts the week before, the weeks and in some cases months leading into the event are meticulously planned to set not just the greens but the course as a whole to peak in condition.  
We hope all enjoy the Easter long weekend of Golf.

Normal course operations will be disrupted through Public Holidays and Staff shortages over the next few weeks, players will not likely notice much difference as we simply prioritise availa…

Week 15 and Summer rolls on

A spike in temperatures this week saw an April summer, with our highest minimum temperatures for April in 12 years as well as maximum temperatures in the 30's. not entirely unusual for April in the west but certainly a great deal warmer than we would expect.
What we would like to see is some rain after a promising end of March with a little over 10mm falling, we have only recorded 1.2mm so far this April, with no decent falls expected in the next week we are carefully managing the remaining water allocation to ensure we supply enough for healthy turf grass growth but keep some in reserve should this trend of warmer drier weather continue. 

Greens are now at 2.5mm and with increased frequency of cut in the lead up to the Easter Medley should be rolling quick and true for the event. We are very pleased with the turnaround from renovations.

You may notice some turf browning off around the greens, this is a result of selective herbicide application for Mullumbimby Couch and Saltene patch…

Week 14

The greens continue their strong recovery from renovations helped along with moderate temperatures suited to Bent grass growth, they are now being cut at 3mm but still slightly off pace as a result of the strong growth being experienced. We will start manipulating  excess growth under our control now that sufficient recovery has occurred for the lower heights of cut with a corresponding increase in green speed.
 This week we also renovated the back putting green, made a start on coring green surrounds along with seeding and sanding thin or patchy green surround areas. This work will continue next week to get some germination and growth before winter.
Finally you would think the below picture was taken from the practice tee or other dedicated practice area.

Sadly it was taken from behind the 16th green!!!!

All members are reminded practice on the course proper is strictly prohibited, Dedicated practice facilities are provided for your use, there is no excuse for scenes like this on the cou…