Week 17 compliments goodbyes and rain

The compliments and positive feedback we have received over the past few years regarding the condition of the course is very satisfying, particularly the effort that goes into our major events, the feedback received over the Easter Medley event makes all the extra effort worthwhile. I congratulate the staff on their performance with nothing ever being to much to ask for.

Speaking of staff this week we farewelled Anthony who resigned in order to  work and travel overseas, I thank Anthony for all his efforts over the past few years and wish him well on his adventure of a lifetime. For the course, as one door closes another opens, moving forward the outlook remains positive as we adjust and re evaluate staff structure and numbers for the betterment of the course long term, there will be some new faces but also renewed enthusiasm as we continue to strive for excellence. 
Seen here showing his Archery Skills

After some teasing and tormenting the past few days, as I write some rain is finally falling, expecting around 15mm all up we can appreciate the pumps  kept off this week hopefully as water consumption has been higher than average this April with only 2mm of rain so far with allocation levels tight.

Due to public holidays and staff shortage the past week and the next few weeks will be concentrated on course mowing, presentation and set up, members will not likely notice much difference but minor works / non priority works will be attended as soon as practical as priority is given to set up and presentation.
Some tasks we will be completing are spot spraying out of the Mullumbimby couch around the course, this may cause some discolouration of turf and brown patch areas which will recover, also a final fertiliser application to all warm season turf to assist in strength and wear resistance through the winter months.

Here's to a wet start to a week

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