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week 8

I am attempting to change the way I approach the blog updates for members after a few asked for weekly updates not just on major issues on the course as has been the trend. I cant promise anything, it is very time dependent so lets give it a go.

The 16th green is making steady progress, it is now being cut at the same height as the other greens (3mm), there are still some patches to recover which we have helped along by plugging / turning in of patches, I would like to thank the members for their patients during the recovery period your understanding is appreciated.

Another hot dry and windy week had the irrigation system operating at full capacity along with additional hand watering and other protective measures for greens, with temps around the mid 30's the last week and continuing for yet another I m delaying lowering the heights for increased green speed for the upcoming Capel Classic till the last possible moment, at this stage likely to be the Wednesday prior, not ideal but wi…

16th Update

The 16th green has made steady progress over the past week, it still has a way to go to return to full health but signs are positive we have finally gained the upper hand.  Today we helped that along by needle tinning the green to get some much needed air exchange into the root zone, it was given a light sanding after to cover any imperfections.

The green will be sandy for a few days we apologise for any inconvenience, our aim is to have it in good condition in a few weeks.