On this page I hope to update members of any planned major works, start dates where possible and a description of what works will be taking place.
Thank you.

 Greens Renovations

The next Greens renovation will be Monday 9th April continuing Tuesday 10th 2018. Course will be closed for play both days.

Tees Renovations

 Tee renovations between October 2018. 
Green Surrounds and path entry exit points cored and seeded for winter -Ongoing through April. 

Fairway Renovations

 2018 Front 9 Fairway renovation consisting of coring date TBA - October 2018 

 Bunker Maintenance 

  Planned Sand replenishment and leveling to selected sand bunkers will commence April 2018 ongoing through winter. Individual Bunkers will be G.U.R during and for a day after work completion.

7th Right side bunker modification and refurbishment will commence Mid May 2018. the Bunker will be GUR. 

7th Right side bunker modification and refurbishment will commence   

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