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Irrigation Upgrade Week 2

Must have been a sign for the week ..
A big turnout of volunteers this week to help with trenching and back-fill and a some fantastic weather made for a smoother week with a great  number of tasks accomplished.

 My thanks to the many volunteers who have come along, not only for the irrigation but for the greens mowing and bunker raking on competition days. To many to name individually,  know the staff and the club appreciate your efforts immensely. On that note if you do plan to turn up, we would appreciate advanced notice rather than just rocking up, we need to organise tasks prior to the day so all can be organised, it does make it more difficult allocating work on the spot when trying to work ourselves.

We finished holes 11, 13 and 14 including flushing the irrigation lines and sprinkler install and have started down 15, Staff have pre-joined a number of fittings over the weekend to reduce time in the field for install so I am hoping to have 15 16 and 10 completed this coming week as …

Irrigation Upgrade Week 1 Install

It wasn't the smooth start we were hoping for this week, first we had some Trencher machine issues to overcome and then the heavens opened on Friday dumping 40mm in 4 hours, a look at the radar showed a line of heavy rain heading straight for Capel ! 

We were planning to have the 11th hole Fairway banks and Tees completed which included trenching, pipe install, flush and sprinklers as well as backfill by Friday but despite the valiant efforts of staff and volunteers and a huge thank you to all that did, with the delays and rain we only managed to trench all the necessary banks. As a result the 11th hole remains closed this weekend. 

My thanks to Ben (2ic) for giving up his own time this weekend in an effort to help me get some piping installed and catch up on loss time ready for Monday. 

Total Eden have done very well, with mainline completed on Holes 11 12 and 13,  Micheal has been an asset very willing to assist and advise accommodating our requests. 

Some other pics from the week 


The Irony

With most pipes and fittings delivered, compound set up and 3 holes marked out for install, tomorrow (Wednesday 16th) mainline trenching and install will commence on the 11th hole. This hole WILL be closed for play. 

Once the line is in and solenoid valves in place lateral pipe and sprinkler install will follow, likely to be  Thursday.

The irony of installing irrigation when the 5th looked like this -

Back To the Blog !!!

Evening folks 
With the major works of the stage 2 Irrigation Upgrade set to commence on the back 9 next week I thought it was time to fire up this old chestnut to provide information updates and be the main source of my communication to members on the progress of this much needed and anticipated upgrade to our present manual irrigation system. 
Total Eden will be onsite Monday 14th to commence preliminary works, and proposed mark out of lines and sprinklers. Full install will  not commence till Tuesday afternoon / Wednesday Morning when Main lines and laterals (laterals being installed by staff and volunteers) will commence on the 11th followed by the 10th. 
Of course disruption will be significant during the works and we appreciate your understanding as always.  You will need to keep informed of hole closures and other temporary play conditions by the clubs notice board and facebook page prior to playing.
My thanks in advance to members who have volunteered for various tasks. 

It seems …