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Evening folks 
With the major works of the stage 2 Irrigation Upgrade set to commence on the back 9 next week I thought it was time to fire up this old chestnut to provide information updates and be the main source of my communication to members on the progress of this much needed and anticipated upgrade to our present manual irrigation system. 
Total Eden will be onsite Monday 14th to commence preliminary works, and proposed mark out of lines and sprinklers. Full install will  not commence till Tuesday afternoon / Wednesday Morning when Main lines and laterals (laterals being installed by staff and volunteers) will commence on the 11th followed by the 10th. 
Of course disruption will be significant during the works and we appreciate your understanding as always.  You will need to keep informed of hole closures and other temporary play conditions by the clubs notice board and facebook page prior to playing.
My thanks in advance to members who have volunteered for various tasks. 

It seems very apt  this final week before the irrigation install we have received 70mm and with significant rainfall expected over this weekend. B.O.M have issued a severe weather warning with 3 strong cold fronts expected over the next 3 days, the worst of which is expected Sunday. For those of you out and about please stay safe. 
Image result for heavy rain pictures
Should weather conditions ease and play proceeds for the 4's championships and Saturday competitions, some normal course set up maintenance may be effected by the immediate previous weather conditions.   Greens mowing will depend on wet conditions as will Bunker raking. General debris can be expected through the course, just some interruptions to be expected. 

Today we completed the 2nd stage of at risk dangerous tree removal, The second tee red gum and limbs from 10 and 15 were removed.  

I look forward to providing you with updates as we progress the Irrigation upgrade, hopefully with more pictures than me babbling on, once I rectify some issues with uploading pictures to the site. 

Happy Hooking 

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