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One of those weeks

I should have known it was going to be one of those weeks when my phone I use to take most of the pictures you see on the blog decided to call it a day on Monday, alas no pics this week.

Two back 9 irrigation blow outs, Fairway cutting units heating up, requiring grinding, Staff absence through being sick and then a flat battery on the tractor due to a switch being left on, a power surge shutting the front 9 irrigation computer down not once but twice and yep happy days, was glad to see Friday come and go.

This is the frustration you never see, if you think maintaining a golf course is smooth sailing, your kidding yourself, these type of weeks can and do happen, we deal with it, do the best we can and hopefully by the end of the week your average player cant see what you went through to get the course as it is, hopefully they are kidding themselves thinking it was smooth sailing, because if they are, then you know you have done your job, but more so you know you fixed the problems you …

Works Update

Some quick news from the past 2 weeks. The greens have made a fantastic return from renovations; we have been cutting at 3mm for the last week and a half. A light grooming will be carried out shortly.

The chipper was seeded last week; we should have a green tinge soon. The material from the fairway verti cutting may not take in on the 16th work area, unfortunately there was a considerable delay between verti cutting the fairways and clean up, meaning the stolons dried allot more than we wanted. For a good strike trying to grow from stolons they should not be allowed to dry out. We will allow another week or so, if minimal amounts of stolons take we will turf the area.

The fairways have had wetting agent, gypsum and fertiliser applied. The remainder of this week is being spent conditioning the course for Fridays Ladies Invitation day.

Thank you.