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The Heat Is ON

Just 14 days into Summer and we are already having temperatures we do not normally experience till mid Summer at least. We have had only 3 days below 30 degrees, with the average temperature 5 degrees above average sitting at 32.1 degrees and the relentless heat shows no sign of easing in the immediate days ahead with maximums of 36 expected.
Minimum temperatures are fairing a little better just 1.9 degrees above average at 15.4 degrees and this is allowing the greens some respite.
The earlier heat and drying northerly and easterly winds have impacted on the various management programs including increased surfactant applications and irrigation but by far the biggest impact has been on the early summer season herbicide program specially on greens.
Any herbicide application carries a degree of risk but when air temperatures increase above 30 / 32 degrees that risk is increased proportionately. We have been forced to modify our program, miss some applications and re evaluate how we pro…