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16th Green

This summer has been long, hot and very challenging in many ways with different issues arising at various times, it wouldn't be summer if it wasn't, we have brought the greens, and the course in general through some pretty difficult and hot temperatures, overall we are pleased with course conditions to date, but it hasn't been without headaches and a few stressful moments none more so than the 16th green at present.

The 16th green is struggling at the moment, a combination of factors have lead to its appearance of thin weak turf with small dead patches. This green is one of a few that does regularly concern us through summer.
This green has a history of poor performance dating back to its construction, many members often comment that the green has "never been right" and true when I first arrived after the summer of 2007 the green was half dead, the following summer it struggled to get through despite increased maintenance measures.
The cause was pretty obvious fro…

Todays heat

7:30am already 30 degrees, as we head into the second day of 40 degrees temps. Course water tanks are filled Greens are watered If you are playing in the heat today stay hydrated take heat precautions and expect slow greens as we have taken the same precautions with the greens. Greens not cut this morning .. irrigated instead Take care

Putting Green Extension

The putting green extension is on target for a late February opening we are cutting at 8mm and just completed its first topdress today.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Prior to Xmas I was performing some sprinkler maintenance in the shed when a member visited and expressed surprise at the degree of maintenance and its purpose. It forms the basis of the first post for 2014.

What the member walked in on was a complete sprinkler service to a Valve In Head sprinkler (V.I.H) , we service up to 10% of the overall sprinkler numbers per year for various reasons, the most common is for normal preventative maintenance, in this case the sprinkler had stopped operating.
Depending on the service performed it may be carried out in the field, removing the internal mechanisms of the sprinkler only, other times as in this case we remove the complete sprinkler replacing with an already serviced sprinkler so a full service can be performed.

Below a brief of each step

The sprinkler is dug out, replaced with a serviced complete sprinkler and wired to the system

 The sprinkler is brought back to the shed and, all components are carefully inspected as each is disassembled