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Wrap up for the Week

The picture problem still hasn't been rectified so you will have to put up with more of my ramblings I am afraid.
12 days out from Renovations and the greens continue to recover well. We have started mowing this week ( from Wednesday) at 5.5mm and depending on green responses it is planned to lower the cut in 0.5mm increments 5 to 7 daily until we reach our normal heights. Obviously the sprayed areas of Couch and Saltene will be a little slower to recover.
This week on top of normal Maintenance  also saw coring of green surrounds for drainage reasons ( even tho we are yet to get RAIN!!, the completion of the 13th ladies Path and Commencement of the 10th men's front Tee retaining wall, thanks go to Russell Line for his offer and work for the paving and the retaining wall.
Staff have removed the turf and relaid it elsewhere on the course, stockpiled the topsoil for later use and will level and re turf the Tee early next week. Tidying up around the 13th path will also take place n…

Help us help you

5 days after greens Renovation and they are coming back strongly, however I have noticed quite a few unrepaired or incorrectly repaired ball marks. This slows down the recovery process for us, and for you that means a bumpier roll for longer when putting.
The greens are very soft at the moment due to renovations and are more susceptible to damage at this time than any other from rough treatment or ball marks so PLEASE follow these very simple steps which take 30 seconds.................

Ball Mark Repair -
Did you Know an unrepaired or incorrectly repaired ball mark can take 3 weeks to heal the ugly scar where a correctly repaired ball mark can heal itself in 24hrs?

1. You can use a ball mark repair tool, tee or even your keys.

2. Start at the back of the ball mark, insert the tool just outside the indent and gently push towards the center.
3. Continue to repeat this from around all the sides of the indent.

4. Pat down the area with your putter. Never insert the tool and simply lift…

Greens Reno

We had a great turn out of volunteers for the weekend Reno's. A huge Thank you to all from the Greens staff, without your help we would be still going.
Renovations went very smoothly, there was no lifting and plenty of cores removed and nearly just as much sand added to fill those cores all golfers love so much.
Unfortunately I am still unable to upload pics so a brief description of what we did follows -
Verti - Cut Greens -- This was to achieve 3 outcomes, 1) Remove some excess thatch, 2) To "crack open" the Couch and Saltene encroachment into the greens to allow for better chemical control and 3) create a seed bed for over sowing patches.
Hollow Cored -- We were very aggressive with coring using 5/8 inch tines to a depth of 6 inches, this is part of the alternating cycle of using hallow and solid coring techniques where the solids used during spring are smaller and not as deep. Our objective is simple in Autumn renovations, relieve compaction, improve air and water moveme…


Hello everyone,
It has been a long while since I updated the maintenanceblog, Internet issues, Computer problems and a hectic summer period restricted me updating the blog as much as I would have liked, I apologise for not doing so. These issues still persist but I will endeavor to summarise the summer period over the coming weeks once these issues are sorted.

As it is this weekend is Greens Reno weekend, hallow coring is taking place and we have also verti cut the greens, this is to remove some extra thatch but also to "crack open" the couch and saltene runners to allow for better penetration of chemicals to suppress the encroachment of these grasses.

Rob has been busy rounding up volunteers for the clean up of cores, and I hope we get a good turn out. My advance thanks to these members, it is very much appreciated, for without your help we would not be able to clean up, top dress and and do everything in the renovation process in the course closure period of Saturday afterno…