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5 days after greens Renovation and they are coming back strongly, however I have noticed quite a few unrepaired or incorrectly repaired ball marks. This slows down the recovery process for us, and for you that means a bumpier roll for longer when putting.
The greens are very soft at the moment due to renovations and are more susceptible to damage at this time than any other from rough treatment or ball marks so PLEASE follow these very simple steps which take 30 seconds.................

Ball Mark Repair -
Did you Know an unrepaired or incorrectly repaired ball mark can take 3 weeks to heal the ugly scar where a correctly repaired ball mark can heal itself in 24hrs?

1. You can use a ball mark repair tool, tee or even your keys.

2. Start at the back of the ball mark, insert the tool just outside the indent and gently push towards the center.
3. Continue to repeat this from around all the sides of the indent.

4. Pat down the area with your putter.
Never insert the tool and simply lift up. This simply raises the damaged turf to the surface

We are attempting to get the greens back into normal condition as quick as possible, help us achieve this by repairing your ball marks.
Thank you

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