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Course Update

It has been a pretty quiet 4 weeks as far as major works on the course are concerned. This is not to say the staff haven't been busy with the unseen work that is attended to. Broad leaf weed control from tree line to tree line including tees and surrounds has been undertaken as with some Poa control in surrounds and some of the shady tees where Poaannua ( winter grass) thrives. Staff have also been busy preparing for the irrigation season, with all sprinkler heads trimmed up and sprayed with growth regulators, with some 220 sprinkler heads and 280 turf valves on the back 9 it does take a bit of time to get around.  The front 9 auto retic was tested to make sure all is going well and sprinkler heads checked for proper operation, the back 9 greens and tees were tested after all our hard work through winter with the pipes and WOW what a difference, all 46 green turf valves working exceptionally well, the look on the staff's faces of the excitement of a kid in a jelly bean shop, …