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Merry Xmas 2013

On behalf of the Greenstaff I extend our best wishes for Xmas to all our Members, Management and Directors.
We hope everyone has a safe and happy Festive season with their loved ones.

Summer is Here

The temperatures remained over 30 and into the mid 30's for the past 8 days announcing the official  arrival of Summer, staff were kept busy nursing the putting green seeded area and on our toes for other heat related issues that might have occurred on course, a few dry patch issues in the fairway as a result of wind interference to the irrigation system was the only effect and will soon recover. With more extreme weather to come for the remainder of summer staff will be kept on our toes.

It is also a perfect opportunity to remind all our players of a few Summer conditions

Through Summer you will notice, except for special events, the greens will run slightly slower, only marginally as we raise the heights slightly by less than 1/2mm as a protective measure for the Bent surfaces through the added stress of Summer Heat. As explained HERE...

Manual Irrigation of the Back 9 Fairways is in full swing, …

Long Overdue

Has it really been that long since I updated the blog ? How time is flying by, extremely busy on course these past 5 months, my apologies for the tardiness.....

 Before moving forward, A recap of some of the works these past 5 months.

Our two main winter projects, Front 9 tree pruning and Bunker base levelling were completed successfully judging by the great comments we have had about the work. The back 9 will targeted next winter in more of the same in preparation for the 2014 Vets Next November.

As you would be aware, unless you live under a rock, the Practice Bunker and Chipping Green were brought into play and now provides the membership with a great new practice facility.

September rain impacted on course conditions and maintenance work however 20 mins after this picture was taken the rain stopped water drained and play resumed.

Renovations were successfully completed in October, sticking with our program of alternating solid and hallow tines which has proved very successful these pas…