Summer is Here

The temperatures remained over 30 and into the mid 30's for the past 8 days announcing the official  arrival of Summer, staff were kept busy nursing the putting green seeded area and on our toes for other heat related issues that might have occurred on course, a few dry patch issues in the fairway as a result of wind interference to the irrigation system was the only effect and will soon recover. With more extreme weather to come for the remainder of summer staff will be kept on our toes.

It is also a perfect opportunity to remind all our players of a few Summer conditions

Through Summer you will notice, except for special events, the greens will run slightly slower, only marginally as we raise the heights slightly by less than 1/2mm as a protective measure for the Bent surfaces through the added stress of Summer Heat. As explained HERE...

Manual Irrigation of the Back 9 Fairways is in full swing, Players are reminded not to hit upon staff completing Sprinkler shifts, we are mindful to try to keep out of players way however we need to complete these sprinkler shifts quickly within the allotted time, and they take precedence over all else so some patience from players is required.

Also if you are stopping a sprinkler from turning to hit your shot, make sure you remove the impediment before moving on.
Players on the course before 7am and after 6pm can reasonably expect to have major interference from irrigation on either greens or tees.

Summer is also a time when the couch and Saltene become an issue in the greens, unlike annual or broadleaf weeds it is not a simple method of one herbicide application and the problem is gone, without excavation of the contaminated areas, the control process takes many years and is more centred on Suppression through Summer and gradual reduction in the cooler months.
Our control programs are working there is continually less Couch each year, during its most favoured time for growth our aim is to suppress and maintain the contaminated areas within gains made in the cooler season. A difficult task as explained further  HERE....

These are just a few reminders for all players who may experience some of the slight changes during Summer.

Work on the course the past few weeks has concentrated on Scarifying /Renovating Tees, Aprons and Walkways to have this work completed by Xmas and ready to go for the Junior Open in January, all surfaces are making a strong recovery and should be looking and playing fantastic in a few weeks.

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