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Irrigation Upgrade The Wash up and Octoberfest

Sorry it has take a while to get back to updating the blog on course matters. We have been busy preparing the course for major events, catching up on work not attended during the back 9 Irrigation install project and commencing Octoberfest, (no not drinking beer but the start of course renovations Greens October 2, Tees October 9 and Fairways October 11) The renovations continue what has been an incredibly busy 3 months so the beers will flow once complete :)........

The latest update on the Back 9 upgrade..ITS IN !!!!!!! The system tested and its working mighty fine!

Whilst the majority of the main work was completed early September other work commitments meant the minor associated works with the install project get done between other priority work. The scour valves, nursery and isolation from old pipes at the bore pump all completed last week.
The wiring of the back 9 pump into the system will be complete this week ready for the summer and irrigation season ahead. We have been irrigati…