Irrigation Upgrade The Wash up and Octoberfest

Sorry it has take a while to get back to updating the blog on course matters. We have been busy preparing the course for major events, catching up on work not attended during the back 9 Irrigation install project and commencing Octoberfest, (no not drinking beer but the start of course renovations Greens October 2, Tees October 9 and Fairways October 11) The renovations continue what has been an incredibly busy 3 months so the beers will flow once complete :)........

The latest update on the Back 9 upgrade..ITS IN !!!!!!! The system tested and its working mighty fine!

Whilst the majority of the main work was completed early September other work commitments meant the minor associated works with the install project get done between other priority work. The scour valves, nursery and isolation from old pipes at the bore pump all completed last week.
The wiring of the back 9 pump into the system will be complete this week ready for the summer and irrigation season ahead. We have been irrigating when required intermittently the past few weeks for all areas without issue.  (Not that you would know, not having to play golf without sprinklers on for a change)

Some fact and figures from the install

Staff worked a combined 1250 hours over the 3 week install period
25 committed members volunteered for retic and course maintenance associated works. Working various days between them on average 4 to 5 hours a day, with a follow up 2  hours drinking (not telling the wives that though)
Di made 1kg of biscuits and 5kg of cakes for staff sustenance morning tea ...YUM
We trenched 8Km of trenches with Jetlines Trencher  generously provided by none other than Jetline
We piped 7.5Km of pipe ( Graham and Mick got carried away with trenching)
Glued 1600 joints and 2000 fittings....Just ask Alan S he came running every time a bottle was opened.....and not just beer.
338 risers
338 Flex 800 B Sprinklers installed
plus 50 INF V.I.H sprinklers for the greens and the mainline and wiring by contractors.
Typically we had 80mm rain during the install .
15 morning coffees from Maccas on his way to mow greens, no names Bob.
10 speeding tickets for none other than Terry (down the driveway that is) (and in cart) so keen was he to see the baby installed

My thanks to everyone involved with the works and the course maintenance, a phenomenal turn out of dedicated members sacrificing their time for the betterment of the club, or just wanting to play golf without sprinklers on.  The Board of Directors and Management for seeking the funds and committing to further improve Capel Golf Club for the benefit of members and visitors. Special thanks to our Course Director Terry for the wonderful support given and being a driving force behind the scenes along with Graham C.
My own thanks to Mick T for couriering the biscuits.😋 and the trench filling... 

I will update course works, renovations and herbicide applications and effects to the course soon.
Till then 
Happy Hooking


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