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In the Spirit of Star Wars ........On a Golf Course Far Far Fairway

We welcome a young Jedi to the team.......

We officially welcome our newest staff member Jed Phillips to the team as our apprentice. Jed has been with us for the past 7 weeks, and has just passed his 1st review with flying colours. Jed is passionate about greenkeeping, a life long dream of his to obtain employment in this field. He has settled in very well proving to be a valuable member of team and is looking forward to learning as much as can over the next 4 years of his apprenticeship.
Being such a small staff, critical emphasis is placed on intensive training for the first weeks to be able to carry out core skills as quick as possible and over the last few weeks he has accomplished to operating standards, bunker maintenance, hole and marker technique and positioning, greens mowing as well as the safe operation of equipment required ad general safety aspects around the shed and course. He has proved a quick learner and I look forward to training and watching Jed grow in confidence …

Challenge Accepted

When you come in Monday, you have a Pro Am Wednesday, over the past few days had 100km/hr winds and a total of 85mm rain you look around and see

Many would stress but I knew we had the team, the passion and desire to get the course into shape in time, it was very  satisfying to have the course as it was by Wednesday

 My thanks to the staff for all their hard work, long hours and dedication to overcome the many obstacles in our way this past week. One of the most challenging and rewarding weeks.

Autumn 2018 Greens Renovations

Not the sight you want to see the first morning of the Greens renovations !!!
An idle sander with showers falling
Due to inclement weather in the morning we didn't get a start sanding greens till early afternoon, further delays on day 2 also put us back more than we had anticipated. We did utilise the time not sanding to core surrounds and path entries while we waited for clear skies so it wasn't a complete waste of time. The benefit of the 2 day course closure was more important than ever when inclement weather delays us.

Despite the slow start by the end of the 2 day closure we had cored, cleared, seeded applied amendments, sanded and brushed in all 18 greens, 2 practice greens the practice tee area, green surrounds along with path entries. We were forced to delay the small putter sanding and a few odd bits here and there as we just didn't have enough daylight. These areas will be completed this week.

It has been a very clean result and I am happy where the greens recover…


Continuing the theme of improvement I recently reviewed some of our maintenance programs focusing on preparation for play weekday competitions as a result of a combination of member feedback, increasing expectations and re allocating certain tasks, the review will see an increase in the amount of hours per week spent on bunker maintenance for preparation for play.Please note this is only maintenance for the preparation for play, debris removal, smoothing faces and raking, it does not include the periodical Bunker maintenance of Edging (4 to 5 weekly), leveling , sand replenishment (alternate annual) or refurbishment.

Interestingly it means we now spend more time preparing a hazard for play than we do our most important surface greens. Makes you wonder where priorities should "lie".

 Removal of debris is an increasing issue namely from leaf drop of nearby trees and wind.
 We try not to disturb bunker faces as much as possible to allow for a firm consolidated face the ball ca…

Time For a Make Over

Welcome to the refreshed New look Blog ..
I hope it is more user friendly and appealing, like the Golf  Course we are always looking for ways to improve what we provide whilst respecting our history.
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Pro Force Blower
It is amazing just how much a seemingly simple insignificant piece of equipment can play such a vital role in Course Maintenance and presentation of the Golf Course, it is not until you stop using it that the benefits it provides are noticeable.
The Pro force Blower  has been out of action for the past 2 weeks with warranty related issues, the first and longest period of time we have not operated the blower in 4 years, present conditions are back to pre blower days and I dare say anyone who had questions about its acquisition of this peice of equipment have their answers !!

The impact it has on clearing the c…