Continuing the theme of improvement I recently reviewed some of our maintenance programs focusing on preparation for play weekday competitions as a result of a combination of member feedback, increasing expectations and re allocating certain tasks, the review will see an increase in the amount of hours per week spent on bunker maintenance for preparation for play.Please note this is only maintenance for the preparation for play, debris removal, smoothing faces and raking, it does not include the periodical Bunker maintenance of Edging (4 to 5 weekly), leveling , sand replenishment (alternate annual) or refurbishment.

Interestingly it means we now spend more time preparing a hazard for play than we do our most important surface greens. Makes you wonder where priorities should "lie".

 Removal of debris is an increasing issue namely from leaf drop of nearby trees and wind.
 We try not to disturb bunker faces as much as possible to allow for a firm consolidated face the ball can hit and roll to the base.
Unfortunately roos and some players have other ideas walking / disturbing the sand on faces, requiring to smooth and consolidate again, regardless areas disturbed will then remain softer than non disturbed areas meaning they are more at risk of plugged lies.

Finally we blow the debris further away from the bunkers and machine rake the base. 

 Doesnt stay like this long
Please see links below for some interesting articles from the USGA  on Bunker maintenance and expectations.


Till Next time don't get Sandwedged !!!

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