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It has been some time since I updated the blog, the Summer peak season with extra time spent with manual irrigation along with increased mowing and course preparations and other time consuming summer maintenance tasks leaves little time for anything else. As with every other summer with a small staff of 4, choices are made, priorities set and maintenance routines adjusted to suit, if we worked in utopia we would have more than enough staff and equipment to complete every task requiring attention every week and still have more time available, alas we do not work in utopia we are governed by budgets, wages and time restraints as such choices based on priority of what should be and what cant be attended are made every day.

As you can guess, updating the blog is the first to go, maybe it shouldn’t be, it is one of the few means for communication the members from the course staff, one I do feel is important however at the end of the day I am pretty surethe members would prefer no blog update…