It has been some time since I updated the blog, the Summer peak season with extra time spent with manual irrigation along with increased mowing and course preparations and other time consuming summer maintenance tasks leaves little time for anything else.
As with every other summer with a small staff of 4, choices are made, priorities set and maintenance routines adjusted to suit, if we worked in utopia we would have more than enough staff and equipment to complete every task requiring attention every week and still have more time available, alas we do not work in utopia we are governed by budgets, wages and time restraints as such choices based on priority of what should be and what cant be attended are made every day.

As you can guess, updating the blog is the first to go, maybe it shouldn’t be, it is one of the few means for communication the members from the course staff, one I do feel is important however at the end of the day I am pretty sure  the members would prefer no blog updates and the greens mowed, holes moved and bunkers raked, diseases and pests controlled and the like rather than reading about why they weren’t on the blog .
Time, priorities, decisions each and every day are why some tasks are not attended some weeks, and for the same reason the blog hasn’t been updated, simply some works have a higher degree of importance than others,  we only have x amount of time to attend everything, each day, each week decisions need to made based on these priorities...
Do we fill the water drink tank or water a severe dry patch resulting in dead turf on a green ? .... Smooth the roo prints or mow the greens ? Remove debris or repair the damage to a green, control disease outbreaks or pest presence? These questions might seem straight forward, the answers certainly are, hopefully your answers are the same as mine, so at the end of the day, end of the week, a water tank might not be filled, a roo print not smoothed or some debris encountered around the course, but we are not leaving the greens to die, leaving the greens not mowed and bumpy or repairs  or disease / pests left unchecked. We do everything we can to attend what needs to be, but not always is it possible.

Decisions on work schedules are always made with the memberships best interest and enjoyment of the course at heart, during the height of summer the blog and other non core lower priority areas / tasks are often sacrificed, to maintain the standard members have come to expect.

Hopefully soon I will have the chance to resume more frequent news and updates through the blog, Stay tuned and again I apologise for the lack of updates, and appreciate your understanding as to why..


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