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Chipper Progress

Its been 4 weeks since we seeded the chipping green, time for an update to inform you of the progress to your new practice facility.

The green is where we had planned it to be despite the heavy rain recently causing some wash out areas which will require reseeding, Believe it or not we are cutting the green at 10mm presently and with healthy growth continuing we  will be lowering the height to 8mm by the end of this week.
The washout patches will be reseeded and the whole green given a light top-dress in 2 weeks by which time the young seedling grass will be strong enough to withstand a light sanding. From there we will be regularly lowering heights and giving light topdressing until the green is open for practice, baring any unforeseen events that should be in approx. 8 weeks.

This week is a huge week for the staff and the club, We have the Pro Am on Wednesday, followed by the 2 day Capel Cup major event, all our efforts have been focused on these events for the past few weeks to have …
The first 2 weeks of May has brought a little over 100mm rain, 67mm falling last Tuesday night, the rain was very welcome as a start in recharging water aquifers etc. and lets face it no mater how much water you irrigate with, you just can't beat the rain for results, the downside is as it fell in short bouts of heavy downpours it did cause washouts which kept us busy.

Another concern is the effect the heavy rain has had on the germinating seed on the chipper, some washout is expected to impact on results.

In the coming 2 weeks our focus will be solely on preparing the course for the upcoming Pro-Am and Capel Cup, we take great pride in maintaining a high standard of course year round but we do strive to take the course up a few notches for our major events, this requires attention to the 5% jobs which we generally do not have time to get to in the normal operation of the course with low staff numbers, examples of the % jobs I refer to are things like whipper snipping around sand bi…
Hello and welcome to this weeks update
The ladies invitation day hit off Friday under fine skies and course conditions, which wasn't looking likely the day before with 33mm of rain effecting the course conditions and what could be done on course, a busy Thursday afternoon and Friday morning  managed to have the course ready for play, and with 1 staff on leave for the week, it was no mean feat.

Disease conditions I spoke of last post have eased slightly and you will notice subsequent improvement in the fairways, tho flair ups are to be expected. Those conditions are not only favourable for disease incidence but also are perfect for seed germination, the chipping green was re seeded last week under much better conditions for success than the 35 degree days we had late last year, we will be monitoring the progress closely as we start to see the green hue develop over the next few days.
These conditions have also contributed to the continued extended growth period we are experiencing wit…