In the Spirit of Star Wars ........On a Golf Course Far Far Fairway

We welcome a young Jedi to the team.......

We officially welcome our newest staff member Jed Phillips to the team as our apprentice. Jed has been with us for the past 7 weeks, and has just passed his 1st review with flying colours. Jed is passionate about greenkeeping, a life long dream of his to obtain employment in this field. He has settled in very well proving to be a valuable member of team and is looking forward to learning as much as can over the next 4 years of his apprenticeship.
Being such a small staff, critical emphasis is placed on intensive training for the first weeks to be able to carry out core skills as quick as possible and over the last few weeks he has accomplished to operating standards, bunker maintenance, hole and marker technique and positioning, greens mowing as well as the safe operation of equipment required ad general safety aspects around the shed and course. He has proved a quick learner and I look forward to training and watching Jed grow in confidence and his professional development.

Exciting times for our Flora and Fauna

If you have been braving the weather conditions of late on the course you will have noticed a number of new tree plantings. As part of our new tree planting policy and planting plan we are committed to planting local native trees and shrubs instead of the non native or non locally native trees which have been planted in the past. Planting areas are based on existing tree species found and where loss of mature trees through storm and pest damage has reduced numbers significantly.
Tree species planted are Banksia's, Agonis flexuosa (Peppi Trees), Jarrah and to a lesser extent Tuart and Marri, all local native trees found through the course. 
 Judging by the smile on Bens face he either enjoys his work, loves trees or knows some golfer in the not to distant future may be cursing that very tree! Probably me. 

We hope to plant in excess of 200 trees over the next 2 years all of which I have arranged to be supplied to the club free of charge.
A win win for the club, native flora and fauna including the Western Ring Tail Possums and a number of bird life from wrens to Kites. 

Till next time
Happy Hooking


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