Wrap up for the Week

The picture problem still hasn't been rectified so you will have to put up with more of my ramblings I am afraid.
12 days out from Renovations and the greens continue to recover well. We have started mowing this week ( from Wednesday) at 5.5mm and depending on green responses it is planned to lower the cut in 0.5mm increments 5 to 7 daily until we reach our normal heights. Obviously the sprayed areas of Couch and Saltene will be a little slower to recover.
This week on top of normal Maintenance  also saw coring of green surrounds for drainage reasons ( even tho we are yet to get RAIN!!, the completion of the 13th ladies Path and Commencement of the 10th men's front Tee retaining wall, thanks go to Russell Line for his offer and work for the paving and the retaining wall.
Staff have removed the turf and relaid it elsewhere on the course, stockpiled the topsoil for later use and will level and re turf the Tee early next week. Tidying up around the 13th path will also take place next week.

Water consumption remains a concern, with above average temperatures persisting and the medium term outlook not looking to be any different till at least the end of April. It has been a long irrigation season having started 4 weeks earlier than normal and with the hot temps persisting it is placing a huge strain on our Water Budget. We have over the past few weeks cut back on water use to ensure enough water remains to cover into May if required. Some effect will be noticed on Turf areas, but by reducing usage now a little we hope to avoid more severe cutbacks and more severe effects should these above average conditions persist into May. 
This is a scenario being played out all over the west coast with allot of courses in the Perth Metro nearing 95% of their total allocation. Strange times indeed.
Till Next week, Happy Hooking!

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