Irrigation Upgrade Week 2

Must have been a sign for the week ..
A big turnout of volunteers this week to help with trenching and back-fill and a some fantastic weather made for a smoother week with a great  number of tasks accomplished.

 My thanks to the many volunteers who have come along, not only for the irrigation but for the greens mowing and bunker raking on competition days. To many to name individually,  know the staff and the club appreciate your efforts immensely. On that note if you do plan to turn up, we would appreciate advanced notice rather than just rocking up, we need to organise tasks prior to the day so all can be organised, it does make it more difficult allocating work on the spot when trying to work ourselves.

We finished holes 11, 13 and 14 including flushing the irrigation lines and sprinkler install and have started down 15, Staff have pre-joined a number of fittings over the weekend to reduce time in the field for install so I am hoping to have 15 16 and 10 completed this coming week as a minimum. Meanwhile the contractors only have the 18th mainline to install and then will be installing the Greens sprinklers and wiring the fwy decoders. They hope to be complete by Friday !!!!.

We also had some interested passerby's, either looking for the water from the rain last week or waiting patiently for our new system 

Or looking for our new water feature on 14
 Little did they realise it was only temporary as a result of mainline flushing 

Our own smaller lines didnt quite flood as much 
 All the same it felt good seeing the water come through...

Finally I have been receiving some questions about the sprinklers and the differences between the stage 1 and stage 2 sprinklers, I will talk about that in an upcoming post soon.
Till then
Happy Hooking !!!

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