Week 15 and Summer rolls on

A spike in temperatures this week saw an April summer, with our highest minimum temperatures for April in 12 years as well as maximum temperatures in the 30's. not entirely unusual for April in the west but certainly a great deal warmer than we would expect.
What we would like to see is some rain after a promising end of March with a little over 10mm falling, we have only recorded 1.2mm so far this April, with no decent falls expected in the next week we are carefully managing the remaining water allocation to ensure we supply enough for healthy turf grass growth but keep some in reserve should this trend of warmer drier weather continue. 

Greens are now at 2.5mm and with increased frequency of cut in the lead up to the Easter Medley should be rolling quick and true for the event. We are very pleased with the turnaround from renovations.

You may notice some turf browning off around the greens, this is a result of selective herbicide application for Mullumbimby Couch and Saltene patches which is expected. The winter green couch will regain colour, whilst the targeted weeds continue to brown off before desiccation.

Finally the Grand Lady of Golf, Augusta National received the full manicure treatment for the Masters, for the first time in 20 years there was no Tiger gracing the Fairways after recent surgery but there is always one constant, the extravagancy of Augusta is a sight to behold.. 
 Adam Scott 5 shots off the pace is unlikely to repeat, but with 14 players within 4 shots of the lead, it is going to be one hell of a Masters finish.

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