Clean Up Day 4

 Another great volunteer turn out today, unfortunately a thunderstorm and heavy persistent rain stopped the afternoon shift from getting out there, the positive tho was the amount of hands we had this morning, because of that, even tho the rain interrupted the afternoon work we still manage to come very close to achieving all our goals for the day.
We had 15 volunteers this morning, many of them associates, a further 5 turned up for the afternoon but couldn't get out there and then a further 3 very late this afternoon when the weather cleared. Thank you every one we will see you tomorrow.
The staff, Anthony resumed at TAFE today, ( I think he missed us) Dean finally worked just a normal day (only because of the storm mate) and Ben and myself after leaving when everyone else did returned late to put a few more hours in cleaning up.

So where are we at I hear you ask, Today the entrance drive was cleared of all remaining large branches, most of the rough areas on the front 9 were complete with only the 4th remaining, and some roving work to do picking up the smaller stuff. The 2 large red gums remain but we need special equipment to finish them off. The remaining greens were raked off along with most of the back 9 tees and even some surrounds raked courtesy of our lovely Ladies who turned out in force and did a fantastic job, thank you to all our associates who turned out this morning.

Tomorrow and Day 5 goals are to finish off the roughs on the front 9 and at least get half of the back 9 roughs completed  using the same method and process as today, other goals will be finishing off the raking of the tees, making a start with all the debris in bunkers and some surrounds. We will also be mowing greens.

Should everything go to plan that will then leave us half the back 9 roughs, the practice area, the huge red gums, the high reach broken limbs in trees and a final sweep of the course to complete over the weekend.

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