How to Use the Blog

Welcome to the new streamlined blog.
For those like me who are techno noobs, heres a quick instruction on getting the most out of this blog.

To access page specific information such as Course Care Tips, Upcoming Works etc click on the Tabs located below the picture at the top of the screen and above the normal posts. Clicking on the Tab will direct you to the page you are after.

On the right side of the screen you will see a list of posts by year, month and the name of the post, if you click on the year, a list of months appear, click on the month and a list of posts made in that month appear, all you have to then do is click on the post you want to view.

Below the list of posts, you will see a list of labels, these labels refer to posts with a common theme and by clicking on the label you will be directed to all the posts that share that label.

I haven't completed labelling all the posts yet but I will as time permits.

I hope the changes make for easier viewing for specific information, adds to your enjoyment and knowledge.
If NOT AT LEAST I HAVE A HEADACHE NOW, so I got something out of it!

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