Clean Up Day 3

Thankfully the storm last night was not as bad as predicted and no further major trees were down this morning, only a small amount of branches.

We had a very large contingent of volunteers today, 20 in total Members, Associates and friends of members, for various hours through the day, some from 8 till 3.30pm thank you all and once again very appreciated,  hope to see you tomorrow along with some extras....smiles,,never satisfied hey ha ha.
Anthony and Dean worked 6.30am till about 3.30 today, however, I have instructed Anthony who was suppose to be at TAFE since Monday to head off TAFE for Thursday / Friday so not to fall to far behind.
Ben and myself worked 6.30 till 6pm  to get a head start on Day 4's tasks.

Today continued the trailer size debris removal from fairways and side roughs, a start on the sides of the entrance drive, clearing the 7th, (one of the worst effected areas), Clearing the large tree at the 7th tee, a start on the very huge tree on 4 as well cutting some fallen trees in the rough / bush ready for removal.
The ladies organised by Jill also started raking the sticks from greens and managed to get 13 greens finished, this allowed us to mow these greens, for the first time since Sunday, late this evening, thank you all. (only 7 greens to finish.

Attacking the big bugger on 4                                                Syd getting stuck into the 7th Huge one

 The 7th ready to go                                                               One cleaned off green.

After an inspection of the course it was decided to keep the course closed for safety reasons till more than likely to Monday but with a chance for Sunday depending on volunteer numbers tomorrow and Friday.

Tomorrow Day 4 of the clean up and the focus will start being on areas between fairways,(rough and bush), which will be completed hole by hole, other goals will be finishing the side of the drive entrance, finishing the stick removal from greens, hopefully mowing them, making a start on small debris removal from tees and surrounds.
How far we get depend on the number of helpers. 

Looking around and we have turned the corner, the worst is behind us and everyone who has helped to date should be very proud of what we have achieved in 3 days, a fantastic effort so far but there is more to do. This massive task continues, and we still need people willing to turn up with trailers, chainsaws, rakes for the green clean off crew and best of all, a can do attitude, because together we will.
Thank you and cheers.

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