22/6/12 Week that Was

Back to the normal weekly updates, the storm cleanup still looms large on the list of the weekly duties.
This week was slow going for the remainder of the cleanup, with Anthony at TAFE just Dean and myself on and with the course now open for play half our time is dedicated to course setup so some time is therefor taken away from the cleanup duties.
Having said that, little evidence remains of the destructive storm, the damage it caused or the massive cleanup that was undertaken besides a few smouldering logs, some fair size mountains of debris ready for disposal and the odd branch about the place.
We managed to finish picking up all the small debris heaps over the course, removed a few more dangerous limbs, rehabilitated some of the worst effected areas, and we even mowed tees for the weekend, a first for the last 2 weeks. Repair work to the mindless act of vandalism on the 11th was commenced  and we will see how that handy work comes out. (I did intend to take some pictures of the process but it took much longer than anticipated to work on, hence no pics, hopefully there WON'T be another occasion to take pictures of the repair process so hopefully you won't get the chance to see pictures.

In other news about the place, Syd "fired" up his specialists equipment and not much remains of the huge red gums on 4. The Angels were out in force again on Wednesday (Ladies Day), I am absolutely amazed at these women who not only followed our request for all players to pick up the odd stick in the fairways on their travels but every group carried with them shopping bags to put the sticks in, outstanding effort from the Associates who have shown just how much pride they take in their course. 

Once again I remind all players, it will take some time to finish all the little details, tyre tracks from clean up equipment, fixture repair, tree stump holes along with having to make ground up on lost course conditioning,  these items will get done as time permits as we do have to dedicate our time to course set up for play etc.

Finally, at the course committee meeting this week, I raised a few not so obvious issues we need to be aware of as a result of the storm and the 170mm rain we have had since, I will post that separately for your information.  

Pictures - Before                                                                         After
 3rd Tree                                                                      After Syd's specialist intervention

 What A Mess                                                               What Mess?

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