Short Disruptive but Productive Week

Due to the public holiday last Monday, this week was a short week, and a disruptive one due to the rain, 91mm of rain over the last 10 days restricted the type of work carried out. Clean up work included debris removal, 2 felled trees, Bunker repair (washouts etc).
This was carried out on top of the usual course set up and we still managed to get through some extra over due works as well. These works included, repair of the 15th wear area, turfing the final section of the 17th green bank modifications, finishing the 16th tee path area and some equipment servicing when the rain was just to heavy for outside work to continue.
Considering we are still operating with 3 staff, not a bad effort, a very productive week despite the short disruptive week.
Some before and after pics......
15th wear area
15th repaired
17th green bank before works

17th green bank
as it is now

16th tee during wall construction
16th tee now

This past week was also the annual AGCSA conference, (held in Melbourne this year), I decided not to attend this years event as already being 1 staff down, this past week was also the last week before Anthony returns to TAFE for his 2 week block leaving just Dean and Myself for the next 2 weeks. The above works needed completing and some prep work before just the 2 staff remain. I will be catching up on all the news and new developments from the conference so not to miss out on any developments in the industry.

So for the next 2 weeks with only Dean and myself on, we will be concentrating on general course maintenance and course set up only, it should not be to bad, the growth rates have slowed considerably meaning mowing frequency is reduced, should unexpected issues arise I may call for volunteers to help but at this stage I have planned the work out and there should be no difference observed by members in course conditions with just the 2 staff on.

There are a few other issues I would like to talk about with the course but will leave that for another post after the course committee meeting on Monday. Till then the course is as dry as it will get for now after the rain but still in good condition so enjoy your game. 

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