Clean Up Day 6

Not a bad turn out today for the member working bee, we had around 30 members / associates working along side Staff for the majority of the day. Of course as always, everyone enjoyed being out on the course doing what they love most, Playing err sorry working, either way they found themselves in the trees all day.
Hours varied from 4 to 8 hours, the staff putting in around 10 and thankfully don't take that long to play a round.

The good News is with the healthy volunteer turn out attacking the tasks methodically as directed by yours truly, (I could get use to that many staff) managed to complete all our goals plus some today.
All the trailer size and bigger branches are now removed from all in play areas, a large amount of small debris areas raked and cleaned up, The 2nd of the monster trees on the 4th tidied up ready for specialist equipment,(Syd and his matches), the back putter, back of club, (just don't call em the back door boys) and front putter cleared of debris, some high reach limb work complete, (Rob playing with his Tonka Truck).
We also sprayed the greens for disease, (never a dull moment) and added some goodies to the mix and got the bunkers ready for me, I mean play.

I would like to thank all those who turned up today, and also those who have helped all week, without that help we would have been going for months, to think 6 days on we have managed to climb on top of the beast that was last Sunday is testament to everyone involved in this massive clean up.  
 Tony Looking for his lost ball from last week                  That tree, this trailer, ain't gunna fit...

 Metal work, wood work, same thing,,, still work.             Synchronized raking....A new Olympic sport

There remain a number of areas in need of a rake, more so now on the front 9, some out of play areas to finish up but we are ready to go, a Monday opening of the course is the plan.
Tho I would like you to keep in mind, Course conditions will take a few more weeks yet before we are at pre storm conditioning, just be mindful when playing over the next few weeks we have lost a whole week in course conditioning and it is going to take some time catching up.

Tomorrow and no formal plans are made for any major work, some more high reach work, mowing greens and starting the kubota clean up, maybe move holes and markers for Mondays opening so that Monday morning can be spent tidying areas instead of course set up.
Thank you.  

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