Clean up Day 2

Day 2 and under the threat of 125km/hr winds arriving sometime in the afternoon, the focus was to get as much storm damage cleaned up in open areas we could, and shore up any dangerous areas. We have managed to clear the greens, tees and fairway areas only From the 1st tee through 3rd green, the 9th and 5th. The back 9 completed in all open areas.
Staff as per yesterday worked 6.30am through 4pm before we called a stop to make sure they were well away when the storm comes in.
It was a slow day as for volunteers with just 5 at various points, but all were very appreciated and put in a huge effort, thank you.
Mick Lines made a huge difference with his Posi-Track from 11.30 and we managed to move a considerable amount debris / trees from the front 9, without it we would not be as far along as we are.

The work ahead is still a mountain to climb, we still need help, trailers welcome, the unknown as for our goals tomorrow is the expected deep low still being forecast to hit this evening, how much more damage if any will govern what way we attack it.

The Golf course remains closed till further notice, it is planned  for a walk through tomorrow to asses conditions.

Well I will post this now and we hope the damage tonight is not as bad as Sunday, once the all clear is given tomorrow, we will be asking for more volunteers, as it is, we still have Half the front 9 open areas to complete, All the Rough and Bush areas over the hole course, we also need to rake off the small debris from tees and greens so we can start mowing and applying any fungicides we need to control disease

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