Storm Damage

Well the weather warning was right, in fact bang on!
Just back from the course and well I can only say its a disaster zone, we have at least 50 trees down as well as numerous branches etc, to save words cause they simply do not describe it I will post a few pictures.

Needless to say the call for volunteers has gone out and the more the better, we need chainsaws, trailers and capable hands on helpers, we also need to be organised and safety conscious so I ask any volunteers coming in to report to me before jumping in, I hope to have a  volunteer round up at 8am to let everyone know the days goals.

The course will be closed till further notice, the ladies pennant matches tomorrow cancelled.
There are a few days work ahead of us, depending on numbers I hope to get the drive way and back 9 mostly done tomorrow, The front 9 is worst with 3 huge trees down so will take a little longer.

drive entrance
10th side drive

13 tent area (Andy had a lucky escape)
16th tee area

4th Fairway
Side 7th tee

7th chair
4th tee area
Another Huge one
Yet another
Dwarfs me
 There's plenty more but I think you get the general idea, I will be updating the blog daily to let you know of the progress made, well I hope to if the arms are up to it after cleaning this mess up that is.
Latest Weather Warning
Tho the deep low has weakened there is still a possibility of strong damaging winds tonight and Monday, thunderstorms remain predicted for the majority of the week.
Work will be slow going if this eventuates and I repeat any volunteers need to report to me to confirm if its safe to work.
The last thing I want is someone under a tree so please safety first. 

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