Fairway mowing US Open Style

Will this ever happen at Capel ?
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All 10, thats right 10, fairway mowers make one pass each fairway, don't worry if the next fairway is a few meters wider, they just add another fairway mower to the line, they had about 13 fairway mowers ready to cut the course.

If you are wandering why the grass is so much greener, its because it is all cool season grass, Bentgrass (our greens), ryegrass (some of our surrounds) and poa annua, (our nemesis) are used on tee boxes and fairways; the greens are bentgrass; and the rough is Kentucky bluegrass. They can use these turf types due to the cooler climatic conditions with an averaged max of 24 degrees C. In fact Couch grass just wouldn't provide the quality of surface and would struggle due to the lower temperatures.

The Olympic Club has 45 holes consisting of  2 x 18 holes, The Ocean Course and the Lakes Course (The Open played on the Lakes) and a 9 hole par 3 course.

They have 50 full-time grounds staff which was boosted by 100 volunteers sourced from other golf courses including superintendents, greenstaff and turf technicians with advice from the USGA green section agronomists. 

The club can fund the courses through their Althletic Club with over 5000 members and 2 club houses, not only for golf but other sports as well. The clubhouses feature a fitness center, cardio solarium, hotel facilities, handball and squash courts, circuit training facilities, two basketball courts and two swimming pools along with restaurants.
I just thought you might be interested in a little trivia for a change, considering as they played the US Open we were all out on the course, cleaning up.

Oh and by the way another severe weather warning has been issued for tomorrow grrrrrrrrrrr CLICK HERE FOR WARNING

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