The clean up Day 1

And the clean up begins....
The crack of chainsaws brought in the daylight this morning.
The staff, Dean, Anthony, myself and my son Ben worked from 6am till 4.30pm
We had 10 volunteers in the morning from 8am till 12
And another 5 volunteers from 12pm till 4.30pm
Thank you for your help, it is appreciated....But guess what we need more!!!
Yes we need more....trailers, chainsaws and hands....Preferably still attached.

Today with some strong winds and heavy rain at times the goal was to clear the driveway and the back 9 tees, greens and fairways of the fallen trees, we came close with just 3 trees remaining to do on the back 9 fairway side, well done to everyone.
We haven't attacked the rough areas on the back 9 yet, so it isn't cleared totally, just the main play areas, we still have a huge amount of work ahead of us, the goal tomorrow is the same, clear the front 9 greens, tees and fairways, from there hopefully the wind will ease to safely allow us into the roughs under the still standing trees to remove more fallen ones by Wednesday / Thursday.
The course will remain closed tomorrow.

Some pics.
Found the Bbq

what ya reckon Syd


The bad news.... Another deep low has developed and heading our way, this forecast to be stronger than the one yesterday. A severe weather warning is again in place.
For the warning click here.....Severe weather warning
We are not expecting it till late afternoon, we hope to have many volunteers in the morning so we can all leave well before the worst hits.
From there who knows ? we may need to do it all again from scratch.

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