Clean Up Day 7 - The good, the bad, the ugly

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

The Good - Today we had around 12 volunteers, many from yesterday (did they actually go home), doing various jobs around the course to get as much completed as possible for tomorrow's opening.....Yes I did say we are opening tomorrow, (that's the good by the way).  Ladies pennants.
Tidying up around the monster trees, dangerous tree removal and more high reach work were all attended along with some more raking of small debris around the course, Thanks Di it is appreciated, (if anyone sees Di snoozing by a tree, rake in hand leave her be) she has been in every day raking this week.

The course is now ready enough to open, not perfect, actually not even great but ready enough, I would personally like to thank everyone who has helped us get this far, some have been here all week, others when they had the chance and even more after they had repaired their own damage to their properties, I don't wish to single out any particular person or group, but those who have far exceeded any reasonable request for help know who they are and so do we, it is appreciated, everyone involved this week working side by side has done a remarkable job with this massive clean up, so thank you everyone and well done.

The Bad - Although we are opening tomorrow there still remains a huge amount of small debris over the entire course, we are still well behind conditioning and the greens will still be slower than normal for a limited time. I ask you to bare with us as we gradually improve conditions over the next few weeks. Also should anyone want to come in and rake some debris up feel free, it maybe an area on the course which is your favourite place, (sorry no trees were in the club) it may where you always seem to be on a given hole, if you want to rake and clean that area up, go for it, just check with the maintenance staff if it is safe to do so.

Another very important point for those playing, There remains some limbs in trees we could not reach, some are at no risk of falling, some however do pose a risk, these areas have been marked, cordoned off and the area should be treated G.U,R lift and drop outside the marked area.

The Ugly - After dealing with the effects all week from the uncontrollable Mother Nature and her fury, it was a kick in the teeth to go in this morning and have to deal with the effects of idiots with the brains of a dead snail, (thanks for that saying Tony). Sometime Saturday night these idiots decided to do doughnuts on the 11th green, this is the 3rd time in 4 weeks and also after the club had been broken into earlier in the week, just proves some people have no decency. But you know what, we don't let this get us down, we take the positives from this week, for every idiot out there, we have proof there are hundreds more that makes up for it, we just look around at all our volunteers this week.

A temporary repair (no not green) has been made to allow for the ladies pennants tomorrow after which more repair work will be carried out as needed.

Were nearly done, bare with us for the next few weeks to complete the task and catch up with course conditioning but WE ARE OPEN!!!!!

Thank you again.

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