Clean up Day 5

About 18 volunteers turned out to take in the beautiful sunshine today enjoying spending a fair bit of time on the golf course, probably not what they think after cleaning up debris rather than playing golf........

The ladies were again well represented bringing their rakes and continuing the stick and small debris clearing off on tees etc, some tees you could not see a blade of grass owing the debris so another job well done.

Meanwhile the member volunteers, (some that may as well be on staff), along with the staff continued removing the branches etc from the rough areas between holes, we managed the entire 4th (except the huge, huge monsters) the 10th and various areas around 13, 15 and 16 green and tee complexes. Well done guys we have made a huge impact to date.

Other victories today included removing some of the dangerous high reach limbs in trees, mowing all the greens some for the first time since Sunday and of course, FINALLY THE POWER IS BACK ON !!!!! I look forward to having a cuppa in the morning.
 oh Cripes another one                                                       Geeze I spend enough time in the rough

Tomorrow (Saturday) and a planned member busy bee of those who would normally play but cant cause were closed is hoped to be well supported, those that normally play in the morning will become the morning crew and those who usually play in the afternoon will become the afternoon crew.
It is hoped we can come very close to finishing enough for opening on Monday without much to do on Sunday. After racking up 65hrs plus over the last 5 days I look forward to getting the job done.
So I guess the message is simple...
more volunteers = more clean up work completed = the sooner the course is open and you can play = a very happy happy superintendent who might get a day off ha ha.

Our goals tomorrow are to get as close as possible to finishing all areas, the roughs on the back 9, the more labour intensive small debris removal etc and a start around the club, practice tee and fairway.
We hope to get the bunkers raked and ready for play and we will be spraying greens as a disease precaution as well as a light feed after the heavy rain leached nutrients.

Look forward to seeing you out there.

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