Splitting it 3 ways

Welcome to the weekly review for the week ending 29/6 and time is of the essence.

Not allot to tell this week, which does not mean there wasn't allot of work carried out.
The staff split our time 3 ways this week between Course set up, ( Greens mow, hole changing, bunkers etc) Routine course maintenance, (Fairway mowing ..yes that’s right we managed to cut fairways for the first time since the storm...and other routine maintenance that usually gets done on certain weeks/ days) and commencing the detail clean up in the bush / rough areas. By detail I mean a walk-through of the roughs picking up any remaining branches and sticks, filling in stump holes etc and finally running the Kubota slasher through for the final tidy up.

 Now I ask you to keep in mind there is only 3 staff at present and only 1 Kubota Slasher, we have some 20Ha to cover for the bush / rough area so it will take time to get around the whole course and we must split our time between the 3 ways above. Time is indeed of the essence.
This week on top of the Course set up and routine maintenance we detailed the Practice area, (fwy, tee and bunker), the Driveway and surrounds, the area between the 10th and 13th green as well as the rough / bush between 11 &13, 13&14, these areas are now better than they were pre storm.
A start on the stump near 7 tee was also achieved.
In the following week or 2 the same work routine will be in place.

The greens are now very close to pre storm pace, showers nearly every day this week putting a film of moisture on the surface would have kept them back a little, but they are back to 2.5mm and frequency is dictated by weather though a quickening should be evident. 

Further repair work to the 11th green vandalised area maybe required as some areas that looked like regenerating haven't as yet, we are giving it another week to do show signs before we take to the turf cutter.

That’s the news for this week, enjoy your weekend and if you do hit in the rough make sure it’s on 11 or 13.

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