Reno Recovery day 18

 It is hard to believe we are only 18 days out from completing renovations, the greens have continued their phenomenal recovery and we are now just 1/2mm off our normal heights, to highlight the strong recovery, normally after a deep large aeration as we did this time, we expect a 30 day period before we are even close to where we are now. The only downside is having to wait for the chemical control of the crab grass, couch and saltene due to the shortage explained previously we couldn't spray when we normally do prior to Reno's, this means these weeds are hanging around longer than usual and when we do spray will certainly make the appearance unsightly.

There is no doubt the hydraulic oil leak non detection has held us back a bit more and we could have been even further along if it hadn't happened, tho it does appear we have escaped the worst case scenario of 10cm wide strips of dead grass. Whether through decisive quick action or luck, most likely luck the affected greens are showing sings recovery already, the areas are not as pronounced and whilst still visible we are still in with a chance of continuing to cut it out as we lower the heights further next week and the greens continue the strong growth. I imagine I will know by the end of next week whether further intervention is required in the form of seeding and sanding along with a verti cut.

Other news from this week, we have started turfing the area on the 16th tee between the tee and new retaining wall, and will finish the job on Monday. The area at the back of the tee where the wall ends will also be raised to blend the start of the wall into the surrounds, this will be done after Easter. Only the path will then be left to do. Bunker edges, spraying of surrounds for scrappy crab grass, wetting agent on Fairways were other tasks completed.
This week was a challenging week and one I thank is over, to top the week off an irrigation pipe break at 11 had to be fixed urgently so we could water wetting agents in which have been applied to the fairways.

Next week an extremely busy one, only a 4 day week due to the Easter weekend, and preparations for the Easter Medley, The greens will not be at the same pace as our last 2 major events, I think that is obvious with the renovations but we are focusing on providing good quality greens and the course presented again in a very positive fashion.

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