Greens Renovations 12

You can always tell a Golf Tragic, there the ones that when we close the course, they still find an excuse to walk around it...

Greens Renovations were complete over the weekend. Due to a healthy volunteer turn out and Mick Lines Bobcat skills we were able to have 10 greens cored and cleaned up on Saturday afternoon and the rest by 9am Sunday. Many thanks to all our member volunteers for their assistance, much appreciated by staff as we would still be going without the help.

 Once all the cores were picked up, a planned BBQ lunch was changed to a breakfast, a bite to eat and to quench the first as a thank you for all our hard working volunteers. It must be the earliest that part has ever been completed, so much so our volunteers were discussing what the hell they were going to do for the rest of the day!
 The staff then resumed with sanding and rubbing in greens

Generally we give an approx time for the greens to come back to normal time, as the greens were very healthy going into renovations, it is dependent on how quick the sand disappears, between 3 and 4 weeks is expected before the greens are back to normal conditions.
Some added sanding may still be required on some greens which will be complete this week should areas need that touch more.
Once again thank you to all our volunteers.

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