Busy Week

Today brings to an end another busy but rewarding week presenting the course for the Capel Classic. 
View from front 10th greens
View behind 2nd green
With an early start - double cutting greens with the greens and adjusted tees mower
This week will be busy in a different way, all our pre greens renovation work will be undertaken, Couch encroachment spraying, green surrounds spraying for crab grass, Verti cutting greens and we will be renovating the small back putter with our own small Ryan Corer, this is because the green is to small and enclosed to renovate with the larger Verti Drain machine. In addition we will still be setting the course up for play and all our regular maintenance practices attended to.
The week will be topped off with the aerating of the greens and topdressing, Saturday afternoon and Sunday and I repeat our request for plenty of member volunteers to help with the core clean up. 
Thank you.

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