Reno recovery day 12

Day 12 since we completed renovations and the greens continue the strong recovery, we gave them their first cut on Monday (5mm) and have cut every day this week, lowering them again yesterday (4.5mm) which we will stay at till Monday coming before lowering them again twice next week. By next weekend the greens should be pretty close but not quite back to normal conditions.

Russel Lines boys from Jetline were back in during the week with donated materials and labour to complete the first stage of the 1st Path and formed a verge along some of the car park. 
  They will also be constructing a small wall along side the 16th tee at tee height to formalise the area in expectation of path along the tee. Since the use of carts has increased it is areas like these that are showing the downside of high cart use, carts are constantly cutting the corner at the front of the tee eroding the bank and if left would have eventually started eroding the tee top, by constructing the wall, similar to the 4th and 7th tee we solve the problem before it becomes one. 
Thanks to Russel Lines with the donated materials and work for without would not be getting done.

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