Well, Autumn renovations are over for another 12 months and despite being very aggressive with the scarifying / verti cutting more so in the couch encroached areas
 the greens have came out of renovations very clean leading me to consider the possibility we may be cutting by the end of the week.

That said Players should still expect the greens to be slow and Bumpy for the next 3 weeks as the greens are rested for recovery with higher cutting heights, this also protects the cutting equipment from abrasive sand wear.

The Couch and Saltine areas have been treated, these areas will be slower to recover than other areas within the greens, and we may need to apply a follow application for saltine patches in a few weeks once the greens have recovered sufficiently to tolerate control measures.

The New section of the practice putting green will be closed for a few weeks, the area of this green is still immature being only 18 months old and needs that little bit extra TLC. The back putting green will be renovated next week, being a very small enclosed green we need to renovate this green with smaller manual equipment than the other greens as such we tend to leave it until the main putting green has recovered so at least one of the greens is in play.

Directly after renovations the greens are very soft and easily damaged, it is very important for fast healthy recovery that all players repair their pitch marks and take care when walking on greens placing the flagstick etc. It is requested all members playing practice rounds use only two balls as per conditions of general play, though all players are encourage to use only one until the greens firm up and recovery is complete.

And finally a tip for those who like many, groan at the thought of playing on renovated greens, slow greens can be used to build confidence in your putting stroke, a firm hand and movement can often improve your stroke particularly when having putting troubles. If your putting is fine, then I apologise for the inconvenience but appreciate your understanding as the greens recover from the important renovations. 
Putting on renovated greens can be a frustrating time, but please DO NOT take your frustrations out on the greens, it will simply delay the recovery process, if you have to vent then......... 
Though I am sure you will not be popular either way and may even have to front the committee!

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