The greens continue their strong recovery from renovations, earlier this week we commenced morning cuts and as of today the heights lowered to 4mm, despite these significant benchmarks on the road to recovery being met, greens will remain on the slow side for a few weeks yet, it can be very easy to forget with the greens recovering so well from renovations that it has only been 12 days meaning they are well ahead of expected recovery rates.

 On a less than positive note, obviously one player wasn’t as impressed with the renovation recovery as the rest of us.....

 I don’t believe for a minute it could possibly be a playing member, likely a Green fee player, I certainly hope so, either way
 Enough said 

The treated Couch and Saltine encroached areas are slowly filling in and like the renovation response, I am very pleased with the treatment result at this stage. In these areas it will take longer to recover and be less appealing to look at, 

 it does mean the Couch and Saltine has taken a huge hit in our efforts to suppress, slow down and gradually recover the encroached areas. We haven’t completely controlled these grass weeds, they will still remain in these areas and be visible next summer due to the strong rhizome growth extending well below the surface, however with continued control measures undertaken, each year we should see a reduction as we have over the past few years of the total area effected with less matting of the couch and more bent grass poking its head through.

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