The greens have made fantastic progress since renovation. 

Though it has only been 5 days, we gave them their first cut this afternoon.

Whilst the height is 5mm, allot higher than our standard cut, it is a significant point in the renovation recovery process,  as from here they only improve with each cut with the initial vertical recovery growth clipped which encourages lateral growth also encouraging the turf surface to form a tighter knit that only comes with regular mowing.

The greens will still remain slow for a few weeks yet and the treated couch saltine and crab grass areas will be slower to recover than other areas which can be seen in the picture and will give some of the greens a patchy appearance depending on the amount of these weeds controlled until full recovery is achieved. 

                                       Treated Couch Encroachment

All in all I am very pleased with the recovery from the renovations and really can’t ask for a better response with the first cut only 5 days out.

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